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The year is 1996. Los Angeles, California.

Punk-Rock band Flyswatter seeks to make a name for themselves after being dropped from their record label following the backlash of their involvement with a successful micro-penis condom commercial. Band leader, Adam, takes it upon himself to carry the weight of the band’s struggles, neglecting his own issues while helping his best friends, Matt through a relationship crisis and Chris with his long awaited journey to manhood. Facing life's obstacles, each band member is forced to grow up and learn to appreciate the ones they love while they still have the chance. 
Join the band Flyswatter as they struggle their way to the top, dealing with everyday life inspiring them to help finish a full length album that is already a familiar sound to our generation.

1996 is an original story inspired by true events. The songs of blink-182 help tell the story and relate moments in our lives thanks to the nostalgia of the music and lyrics they have released throughout the past 27 years.



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