Currently casting actor-singers of all races and genders for a table read that will take place in Southern California (1 hour east of LA). All actors local to Los Angeles and surrounding areas are highly encouraged to submit.

Stipend may increase depending on interest from producers. Housing may be available for some out of town actors.

Some roles are actor-musician based but no actors will be expected to play an instrument for this table read, please submit even if you do not play an instrument.


Tentative dates: August 22-29, 2021

Location: Southern California

Pay: $100 stipend



ADAM (he/him, 18-30, any race/ethnicity)

Lead singer/guitarist of punk-rock band Flyswatter. Driven, passionate, hides his emotions well. Nothing comes before the band.

MATT (he/him, 18-30, any race/ethnicity)

Lead singer/bassist of punk-rock band Flyswatter. Best friends with Adam. Dreams of stardom but constantly distracted by his toxic relationship with girlfriend Josie.

CHRIS (he/him, 18-30, any race/ethnicity)

Lead singer/guitarist of punk-rock band Flyswatter. Nerd-Punk, Star Wars super-fan, virgin. (Think Elder Cunningham in a punk band).

JOSIE (she/her, 18-30, any race/ethnicity)

Smart, independent, strong personality. Barista at the local coffee shop but dreams of bigger things. In an on-again, off-again toxic relationship with boyfriend Matt.

WENDY (she/her, 18-30, any race/ethnicity)

Dry and sarcastic personality/sense of humor, very real/down to earth. She works at the local coffee shop with her best friend Josie. (Think spunkier April Ludgate: Parks & Rec)

WILL ECCA (he/him, 25-40, any race/ethnicity, non-singing role)

Talent manager representing punk band Flyswatter. Very straight forward, no-nonsense kind of leader.

DJ WAGGY (he/him, 30-40, any race/ethnicity, non-singing role)

Popular DJ of local radio station. Ability to go from normal speaking voice to big over-the-top "radio" voice. Will also cover other small roles in the script.

HOLLY/NYE HOST (she/her, 18-30, any race/ethnicity, non-singing role) Promiscuous, sexual, sure of herself and proud. Strong personality.


Please submit a contemporary-rock musical song (Next to Normal, American Idiot, RENT, Spring Awakening etc) or sing any blink-182 song of your choice. Non-singing roles please submit a contemporary monologue of no more than 1 minute. Email video link along with headshot/resume by July 30, 2021.


Email all submissions to